The process of editing your documentation can bring clarity to what you are trying to communicate. After all, it is both the writer's job and editor's job to do all the work, so that the reader doesn't have to do anything but read.

Easy reading is damned hard writing.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

If your audience is struggling to understand what it is you are writing, then Chris can help you get your message across, and do this in a way that requires little effort on the part of your readers.

Whether the document is a business strategy document or procedure manual, a powerpoint presentation or a product brochure, editing adds value in more ways than one.

The Benefits of Editing

  • Corrects grammar and punctuation
  • Customises your document's vocabulary for the intended audience
  • Improves the document's structure for easy access to information
  • Improves the document's content for easy reading
  • Checks your ideas for logic, relevance and completeness
  • Optimises the document's content for clarity and conciseness

For help in resolving your documents' problems, please contact Chris.