Online Help & User Guides

Online help and paper-based user guides are all about helping users to solve the problems they are having with your product or equipment.

When users are faced with a problem, your documentation should enable them to quickly locate the relevant topic. When located, the topic should tell users exactly what they need to know, using vocabulary they are familiar with. In most situations, users are looking for information on 'how to' perform a particular task.

Well structured content, whether online or paper-based, makes it easier for users to find the topic they are looking for. User-focused content that clearly describes 'how to' complete the task at hand, speeds up resolution of users' problems. Good structure and content mitigates downtime — time that would otherwise be spent troubleshooting your product.

And if users can rely on your documentation being easy to navigate and easy to follow, they won't phone your Help Desk so often, if at all.

The Benefits of User-focused Documentation:

  • Easily located information
  • Concise and clear 'how to' content
  • Reduced user downtime and increased productivity
  • Reduced number of support calls

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