Deliverables & Costs



Asking a writer for a price, is a bit like asking a doctor up front for all associated medical costs, without giving the doctor the chance to diagnose your illness first.

It is important to ascertain your documentation requirements first, so that you have some indication as to the size of the job and consequent costs.

Investing in having the work scoped first, is a sensible way of estimating timeframes and costs.

A typical scoping exercise will:

  • take anywhere between two to four days, and
  • require access to some of your resources. Resources may include, for example, the system that you want documented and a subject matter expert.

The scoping exercise delivers the following:

  • A tentative table of contents that lists many, if not all, the topics to be covered by the document
  • Two to three sample topics. These topics will give you a feel for how well topics are covered and how well they work
  • A proposal that includes an estimate of the timings and costs involved in the creating the documentation
  • Identification of any potential issues that may impact costs
  • Identification of any assumptions made


Documentation can be delivered in a range of formats including MS Word, PDF and HTML. Contact Chris to discuss your publishing format requirements.


The documentation is customised to your needs and as a result, each project is unique in its scope and cost.

The scoping exercise is charged for because it provides you with a deliverable that has value — the Table of Contents, and a small number of draft topics.


Invoices for work completed, are emailed in PDF format and are to be paid within seven days of receipt.

For more information, please contact Chris.