Documentation projects differ in size for a whole number of reasons.

For example, the amount of documentation required to show users how to use a product is largely determined by:

  • the number of tasks users can perform with the product, and
  • the product's usability (ease-of-use).

When editing, the size of the task is determined by the quality of the initial draft. Some documents require a simple copy edit, whilst some require a logical restructuring of content. Other documents can go through a massive downsizing in order to remove irrelevant information that camouflages the intended message.

How Chris Can Help

Chris has expertise in managing the documentation development process through to completion. This involves gathering the relevant information, ensuring drafts are reviewed and feedback incorporated, and the completed documentation signed off. This process typically involves facilitating the involvement of stakeholders which may include any or all of the following:

  • marketing staff
  • lawyers
  • business and help desk staff
  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • software developers
  • engineers and technicians
  • end-users

For assistance with your documentation, please contact Chris.